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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Baccarat type - Baccarat Gold
  • Min Bet - $5
  • Max Bet - $200
  • Three types of bets: player, banker, tie
  • Tie payout is 8:1
  • The cards 2 through 9 are worth their face value
  • Aces - 1 points
  • Jack to king and 10 - 0 points

Baccarat Gold

If you open the page of casino and see only two or three games in each section, there is no point staying there for too long or passing registration procedure. Reliable gaming clubs monitor the novelties and try regularly to fill up the lists of gambling amusements with such improvements. New comer may feel abashed or not understand the need of various game types that are scarcely distinguished. But eventually he or she will begin to enjoy them and comprehend their relevance.

What are the rules of card game Baccarat?

The task of the participant is to collect the cards which will make up 9 points in sum. The good alternative is to score 7 or 8. Combinations with less number of points are considered weak. In order to understand how much you have scored, you should memorize cards nominal.

The baccarat game has the following nominals:

  1. Ace – one point
  2. Pictures and ten – no points
  3. From two to nine – according to their numerals

Baccarat Gold play for money

Firstly dealer and player are dealt two cards. If you play online Baccarat Gold at Play Fortuna Casino, you will find out how the deal visualization and opportunity to oversee a card make the game process more realistic and fascinating.

You can take only one card to the talon. The third card is dealt automatically upon the next conditions: the player receives it, in case if the sum of the points is from 0 to 5. For dealer these rules are more difficult. They depend on the nominal of the first two cards and the quantity of cards that player has in hand.

  • if the dealer has 0-2 points, he always takes third card.
  • if he has 3 and the player has third card, he takes 0-7,9 and doesn’t take the eighth.
  • if he has 4 and the player has third card, he takes 2-7 and doesn’t take 0-1, 8-9.
  • if he has 5 and the player has third card, he takes 4-7 and doesn’t take 0-3, 8-9.
  • if he has 6 and the player has third card, he takes 6-7 and doesn’t take 0-5, 8-9.
  • if the dealer scored 7 points, he never takes third card.
  • if he scored 8-9 points, third card passes to player.

If the card sum of the user or banker exceeds 10 points, for example, when seven or eight drops out (7+8=15), then ten is taken off and the remaining balance takes part in selection of the winner.

Therefore, card game Baccarat has intricate rules. But if you take pains and have patience, you will have a chance to become entirely addicted to it. Also, many things depend on the luck. We offer to play in casino Playfortuna – here the fortune will definitely smile upon you.

How to start playing online in Baccarat Gold?

online Baccarat Gold

The game Baccarat Gold is located in the section “Cards” of gaming online-club Playfortuna. By clicking the game sign, a context menu will be opened, where you can choose whether to play for money or for free. In the last variant, player is an owner of a virtual account. The game will be excited, but in such case the win cannot be taken out.

These are the major features of the online game Baccarat gold:

  • 8 decks with 52 cards in each are used
  • the minimum amount of bet – 5 credits
  • the maximum amount of bet per one field – 500 credits.

You can bet either on the player or casino, as well as on a draw or a pair of the participants. The split is paid in proportion of 8:1 and the pair – 11:1.

The gaming table is divided into ten fields, correlated with the banker and player. Over them three cells are situated: player’s pair, draw and banker’s pair. On the left it is displayed “History” – the place, where the win of casino is marked by red balls and the win of user – by blue balls. In the right corner “Roadmap”, statistics, is located. Some gamers make helpful conclusion, following its tendencies.

So, it is very easy to start playing online in card game Baccarat Gold. Take some time for learning rules and after that run towards the adventures!