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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Black Jack Pro High Limit
  • Min Bet - $25
  • Max Bet - $500
  • Number of decks - 1
  • Payout percentage - 99.53%

Win a lot at BlackJack Pro High Limit!

Do you like to place high bets and get multiple winnings? Then the pro-version of blackjack from the Netent - BlackJack Pro High Limit is for you at online casino Play Fortuna! Here you can join a high-tech table with high limits. This is an excellent platform, so you can compete for big prizes. It's noteworthy, that you can start high bets after you practice your skills in the low limit version of blackjack.

High Limit Blackjack features

What distinguishes Black Jack Pro High Limit from other tables with high limits? You will play at a table, that has the following characteristics:

  • 3D elements
  • Modern cards
  • Animating numbers
  • Colored buttons

Thanks to these features, it will be much more comfortable to manage the game. Please note, you are invited to play three hands and the backlight will indicate the hand.

What are the bet limits for the table? Unlike the other games of this line, you can bet with chips, the value of which are 25, 50, 100 and 500 euros. The return percentage is 99.53%, so you have a high chance of winning

High bets - classic rules!

Despite the fact, that the blackjack represents a high rate gradient, the rules remained unchanged. After starting the game, you place the bets and click 'Deal'. After that, 2 cards are dealt to each hand. To win, you need to collect more points than the dealer, not passing the mark of 21 points.

Throughout the game, you have the opportunity to take the following steps at your discretion:

  1. Get a card (Hit);
  2. Discard an additional card (Stand);
  3. Double your bets and get another card (Double);
  4. Divide cards into two hands if they have the same value (Split);
  5. To get insured, if the dealer's first card is Ace (Insurance).

The interface is very simple, you can play without any complications.

Double Jack in High-Limit Pro version

You have the option to increase your bet from 1 to 100 times. You can bet on Double Jack. This bet can not be higher than the b basic one and it is wagered in the following ways:

  • You get the first two spade jacks. In this case, you will increase your bet by 100 times;
  • Two jacks of any suit bring the payments;
  • If the jack is the first card, the bet will increase one time.

Thus, you can get two winnings for one spin!

Blackjack High Limit at Play Fortuna!

Stylish, technical and profitable blackjack is waiting for you at Play Fortuna casino. Play Black Jack Pro High Limit for money or for free. Here you find high betting limits, so do not hold yourself and fight for the highest prizes. Moreover, you can score more points and get one of the VIP statuses, which will bring you a number of profitable privileges!