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game features
  • Category: table Game;
  • Hands: 1;
  • Min bet: $ 1;
  • Max bet: $ 100;
  • Max ratio: 1 to 1;
  • Bonus game: No;
  • Double up game: No;
  • Autoplay: No.

BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SH by NextGen

Table game at Play Fortuna Casino online is a great way to keep yourself in shape and practice your skills in playing cards. BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SH by NextGen for advanced players who appreciate realistic design and detailed imitation of the gaming process.


BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SH play for money

Blackjack is well known for its easy rules and dynamic gameplay. The user is playing against the dealer. Reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21 or let the dealer draw additional cards until their hand exceeds 21. A score of 22 points is an automatic defeat.

The first deal consists of two cards, the participants may get more cards if needed. The bet is placed before the deal. The bet can be doubled.

Emulator Interface

BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SH play for free

  • The chip allows you to select the numeric value of the bet
  • Orange button with coins and two arrows forming a circle - deal
  • Strikethrough chips - cancel the bet
  • Finger on the card - take another card
  • Palm above the surface of the table - stop
  • Two stacks of coins - doubling the initial deposit
  • Two cards with arrows - split when two identical values fall out

Demo Mode!

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