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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Poker type - Caribbean Stud - Low Limit
  • Deck - 52 cards
  • Jackpot - Yes
  • Min. bet - $0.10
  • Max. bet - $5
  • Max. Payout - 2020

Caribbean Stud Professinal Series Low Limit

Caribbean Stud Professional Series - is a poker game, that includes a progressive jackpot. Players compete against the dealer to get the best hand of five cards. You can spend your leisure time and increase your income due to this game. The rate of return is 97, 42%. There are three versions of poker, where the players can place the average, low and high bets. In this case, you may choose any version, that is designed for professionals and new players, who just come to play and place small bets. If you want to test the game, the perfect variant for you is to play the Low Limit level on the official Play Fortuna Casino website. Here you will be able to raise a decent amount of money.

For each player there is a special introductory demo-mode. Run the game for free in the demo-mode.

Caribbean poker graphics

The popular Caribbean Stud Poker online presents a realistic images, that are accompanied by sound effects. Also, the game develops mental and logical ability. You have the opportunity to explore different forms of poker, as well as to get familiar with the rules of the game and coefficients tables. The game panel has a special quick buttons and account data. You also have all the information concerning the bets, cash and winnings. On the right side of the game panel there will be the chips, that you can use to place bets.

Also, you can adjust the speed of your moves due to the functionality of Caribbean Stud Professinal Series Poker.

Caribbean Stud Professinal Series Low Limit play poker for free

What you need to know

Players place bets and evaluate their five cards during the gameplay. You can determine the number of coups in accordance with the payment schedule. If you want to win, you need to bet on the Ante and place the cursor on a specific circle. Everyone has the opportunity to get 5 cards:

  • Player - all face up
  • Dealer- 4 cards face down and one face up

Player checks the cards and plans the game strategy. If the player folds, the placed bet on Ante along with Jackpot will be folded. When the dealer receives a signal from the player, the remaining 4 cards are flipped. Now it is necessary to understand the level of the poker player's hand. If you win, the payments are made according to the paytable and the chips, that are on the table. If you are destined to lose, your winning amount disappears and the chips are removed from the table.

Jackpot is guaranteed!

Dealer's hand does not affect the bet amount and the jackpot. The players manage to get the win by using the combinations, and the payments will be equal to the jackpot bonus in payout table. The biggest jackpot in the game Caribbean Stud Professinal Series Low Limit is 2020. Do you want to put large sums? Press the jackpot circle. Players must place Ante and call the bet.

Caribbean Stud Professinal Series Low Limit is perfect for those, who love high-quality game with nice graphics and excellent soundtrack. Caribbean Poker from the popular NetEnt Corporation - is an interesting game with a thrilling story!