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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Double Exposure Blackjack - Low Limit
  • Min bet - $0.10
  • Max bet - $5
  • The expected payout percentage - 99.33%

Double Exposure Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit

Double Exposure Blackjack - Low Limit is a quite an interesting game and captures the players at first sight. It transfers a player in Las Vegas immediatelly. Each gambler wants to reach this city. Playing the popular card game, you will have the opportunity to play Blackjack, that is very popular among the online gambling establishments.

Try to play!

Get ready to fight with professional players in Double Exposure Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game, you will have a unique chance to be trained in a special mode. This game differs from the standard one: the dealer deals himself a few cards, showing it to another player. Due to the way the cards fall, you can plan the game strategy.

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Highlights of the game

The original Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit has six standard decks, excluding jokers. Each time the cards are dealt, it must be thoroughly mixed. The main thing in the game - is to defeat the dealer by picking up points (not more than 21).

There are certain rules of the game:

  • The dealer must deal himself two cards and open them
  • Dealer needs to stop at 17 points and take a card to 16 points
  • If there are an equal number of points, the victory is awarded to the dealer
  • The doubling is possible only after the split
  • Split is carried on the cards with different face value
  • There is no blackjack after split
  • The bonuses are not paid and there is no progressive jackpot.

Functional design of the game

Double Exposure Blackjack table looks like a real one, which is used in gaming institutions. To oversee the process, it is necessary to use such keys:

  • Deal - dealing the cards
  • Hit - take card
  • Stand - do not take cards
  • Split - separate the cards
  • Double - doubling the bet
  • New Bet
  • Rebet - repeat the bet

Where to play

A popular card game allows you to use the training bets. You will have the opportunity to play this game without registering your account, just using the test mode.

Double Exposure Blackjack offers it's players to get familiar with the game rules. There is a certain move, each player will have to learn and abide by it during the game.

You can actively win and defeat the dealers in Double Exposure Blackjack. This requires you to have a lot of points, more than the opponents have. Play the game at Play Fortuna Casino and get the biggest payout to your account!