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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Double Exposure Blackjack Standard Limit
  • Min bet - $1
  • Max bet - $40
  • Max win - $960
  • Expected payout percentage - 99.33%

Double Exposure Blackjack Standard Limit

Double Exposure Blackjack Professional Series consists of classic table games, released by the NetEnt developers. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino, then start playing the Blackjack Standard Limit. Using different strategies, based on the possibilities of the game, you can beat the online casino and profitably multiply your game balance.

Play blackjack for fun!

The developers have made every effort to make the game comfortable for each player. This is evidenced by the following characteristics of blackjack:

  • You can enable a relaxing jazz soundtracks.
  • Thanks to the settings, you can adjust the volume.
  • Maps have a live animation effect, so the gameplay will seem really fascinating.
  • You can drag the betting chips along the gaming table.
  • To clear the field from the bets, just click the red chip.

So, playing the Double Exposure Blackjack at Play Fortuna Casino, you concentrate on your game as much as possible without being distracted by foreign objects.

Double Exposure Blackjack Standard Limit play without registration

The main features of the Standard Limit game

Most likely, you've played blackjack before, so you'll be interested to find out what are the main differences of the NetEnt blackjack modification. From the very first spins, you will certainly notice such an innovation as dealing. The dealer gets two cards face-down on his hands. It means that you will know initially about the situation on the croupier's box.

Table gradients deserve a special attention as well. In the Standard Limit version, unlike of the other professional games, you will find standard limits. So, you can place your bets, use chips with denominations of 1, 5 and 10 dollars. Considering the fact, that all the winnings are paid as 1:1, you will receive large winnings, typical for professional players, without taking a big risk.

Standard blackjack rules

We've considered the features of the game above, however, the main postulates of blackjack remained unchanged. The winner is the player with the highest score not exceeding 21. Pay attention to the following rules:

  • The dealer stops at 17 points.
  • If the dealer and the player receive the same number of points, a tie occurs, but the player loses his bet.
  • A player can split - two cards of the same value can be split into two boxes.
  • If the player scores 21 points on one of the boxes after split, the combination will not be considered as blackjack.
  • After the split, the player can double his bets. In other cases, doubling is not possible.

We add, that the game is conducted on three boxes with the participation of a classic deck of cards without a joker. Before each dealing, the cards are shuffled.

Clear interface - simple game

Thanks to the intuitive design of the Double Exposure Blackjack table, you will not have any difficulties throughout the game. Note the following buttons on the gamepad:

  1. Deal - hand out the cards to participants
  2. Hit - get another card
  3. Stand - refuse to get another card
  4. Split - break up the cards into two separate boxes
  5. Double - to multiply the bet by 2
  6. New bet - place a new bet
  7. Rebet - repeat the bet, that was in the previous spin

If you want to learn all the rules of Double Exposure Blackjack Standard Limit, run the game on PlayFortuna casino in the demo mode. Are you ready for a real game? Then play for money and get a blackjack!